gosund smart bulb flashing

That exactly what mine does with the following error. File "./fake-registration-server.py", line 125, in main Repeat three more times. No YAML, no custom plugins, no MQTT. @bcwhite0 Are you using the latest version? self.asyncio_loop.run_forever() https://www.amazon.com/Assistant-Required-Enabled-Control-Gosund/dp/B072ZX8RTZ, https://www.amazon.com/Gosund-Compatible-Required-appliances-Certified/dp/B079MFTYMV/, https://vmallet.com/2020/07/gosund-wp3-smart-plug-teardown-and-schematic/, print it on its side (flat)-- a skirt also helps with adhesion. That address is taken by the intermediate firmware to indicate to the flashing script that we've successfully gained control of the device. wlan0: AP-STA-DISCONNECTED 60:01:94:c8:bd:3b Post your process and results. Or is there any knowledge if they completely changed the IP address? Appreciate any assistance you could offer. The pilot lamp in the middle of the Action button will flash red and purple once or twice, and either begin flashing blue, or turn off entirely as it does in the next picture. I was able to flash an old treatlife dimmer that had been laying around. First THANK YOU for this. Collaboration effort on working with new Tuya firmware:https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert/wiki/Collaboration-document-for-PSK-Identity-02, I have 3 tuya based heaters integrated with home assistant but they are hit and miss when it comes to stable operation. This took me down the path of testing the ap script and finding my DHCP issue. Hey Travis, how's things? @henkiejan1 please visit this forum this will give you some more information about these LCS products. I made a 3d printable jig for this model to flash without having to de-solder the esp. By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and It then shows available wireless networks, choose yours and it has to be 2.4 GHz (not 5GHz) and type in your password (I use WPA2 security), it seems to save this information which is helpful if your installing multiple items like I did. Honestly, it's kinda hackish and not the best option, but I'm willing to share if anyone's interested. I have manually flashed devices in the past but it's a real PITA. I'm not at that machine right now, I will try that command when I'm back. dnsmasq: failed to bind DHCP server socket: Address already in use, root@kali:~# sudo netstat -tulpn | grep :53 This is AP config, as opposed to EZ config. They are routing out through their mobile networks to get there. Anyone figure this out? wlan0: AP-STA-CONNECTED 60:01:94:c8:bd:3b Try this one to finish setup. privacy statement. Unplug the smart outlet. Those LSC bubs are produced past 04-2019 so they contain the fix already. The background process like wifi smartconfig does it's job and gets the bulb to connect to the wifi hotspot. Using their offer is dead-simple, since everything can be done by clicking through the Tuya web page, from choosing your pre-designed products or pre-programmed wifi-modules (mostly ESP8266) to building your own app. I never looked or check their ip's. One of the major advantages is being able to place it closer to your Zigbee devices which is especially helpful if you have your Home Assistant box in the basement or buried back in some closet. @0xDigest - I've had moderate success with strategically vice-squeezing the shells of ultrasonically welded items such as these, especially if they're cold. I too would like a link to the STL of this, tyvm. to your account, Just purchased a Gosund model- WP3. Only command that I could find that got it into monitor mode was iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor. wlan0: AP-STA-CONNECTED 60:01:94:c8:bd:3b Had a busy day of flashing (not THAT kind of flashing...) with 16 M&J switches, 4 dimmers and 3 3way switches all flashed successfully which is great. No need to press any buttons. Yes I did. I have the same issue. Yes, they require the country code to be set now. File "./fake-registration-server.py", line 129, in Connect the Smart Plug to AC Power. Amazing, thank you for the amazing explanation. Which is precisely why I want to So I thought because of the newer version of this plugs, so I changed it to avatar switches (based on the compatible list in tasmota device) and process is failing too. if you apply power 4 times it actually starts its own little AP called SmartLife-XXXX where the X's are replaced by the last 4 characters of its MAC address. Saw your reply earlier and ended up at the PSK 2 wiki. Shut down Tuya Convert. Are there any outlets on the market currently OTA flashable? wlan0: STA 60:01:94:c8:bd:3b IEEE 802.11: disassociated It also makes sense to allow internet access, since tuya-convert allows for the user to grab a 3rd party bin file via http directly through the curl commands while tuya-convert is running. wlan0: STA 60:01:94:c8:bd:3b IEEE 802.11: disassociated When the power goes out, it can wreak havoc on the smart home. I have the same problem - new Smartplugs with factory firmware version 1.1.7.There is a new wiki to try to get new keysCollaboration effort:https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert/wiki/Collaboration-document-for-PSK-Identity-02. An inexpensive device you can add to Home Assistant as a Zigbee controller. I took a brief look at the source code from tuya but did not find anything interesting just yet. Will I need to solder and do that method, or has someone figured it out? Gosund is a leading smart home products company, buy smart plugs, switches, WIFI outlets, Alexa plugs. How can i check what the firmare version is? I chose Tuya MCU (54) in the module section and gave it the name floor lamp in MQTT. Do you know if that is expected behavior? Original Poster. https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert/issues/483, Sorry, to clarify actual details: can I use convert 2.3 to flash Sonoff RF without soldering? I had excellent success opening the Gosund WP3 with a pair of pliers and some junk mail, squeezing and rotating the unit until I heard a crack. Old Thinkpad with LinuxI am all out of options, any help would be greatly appreciated. :-) Straight out of the box I installed Tuya-convert (git pull xyz etc) and could not flash any of the four UNTIL applying the fix mentioned here by user @jfractalj; After the fix, it worked on both units I tested, BUT it was unable to pull the full firmware due to a VERY VERY slow download kicking a timeout (after three runs through the script; each time, it reached ~50% in spits and spurts of a few hundred bytes at a time) -- after which I finally gave up and told it to flash Tasmota, but I do not have the original binary backed up anymore. Does anyone know if tuya-convert would work for a heater? The symptoms look the same as the device not being able to get an IP address, but outside of that I am not sure. Have a question about this project? wlan0: STA 60:01:94:c8:bd:3b IEEE 802.11: disassociated Hit enter and it will take off and finish. £17.99. With gosund app, you can easily remote control the gosund lights to turn on or off. Now it looks like they're are also protected from conversion. I believe it has something to do with the "Configure Module" but I'm not sure. �[32m[I 190520 10:22:01 web:2162]�[m� 200 GET / ( 0.93ms I probably just give the "new" box away as a gift. ?When trying to upload TASMOT, the sockets switched on to the pairing mode (5 seconds and the diode flashes quickly) after about 3-7 seconds the led stops flashing and tuya convert tries to send the program all the time but does not establish a connection with the socket.i use RPI3 for connection.Any idea? @jfractalj I ran that comment and I am getting the following output: dnsmasq: failed to bind DHCP server socket: Address already in use. I flashed it out of the factory-new box, it was never connected to the cloud. $18.99. main() The jig could use some improvements, I threw it together in tinkercad. However, I can't get it to toggle either through the web interface or with the button. Gosund Smart Light Bulb Works with Alexa Google Home, Dimmable WiFi LED Light Bulbs, E26 A19 Warm White 2700K Bulb, No Hub Required, 8W (75W Equivalent), 2 Pack 4.3 out of 5 stars 3,261. Schedule a Callback; Return to top. No matter what I try (reset, restart, both buttons at the same time, etc) I cannot get it into pairing/flashing mode. I also got stuck on the "Fetching firmware backup". replace the firmware with something I know. If you have a look in ~/tuya-convert/scripts/setup_ap.sh, line 62-70, it reads as follows: To my understanding, the line sudo iptables --table nat --append POSTROUTING --out-interface $ETH -j MASQUERADE forwards all outgoing traffic from the WLAN interface (vtrust-flash) to $ETH, which would be your ethernet interface connected to the internet. On Amazon, but i ’ m trying to initiate the flash process new to all and... Compare to the plug with the following error flashed with the results being expected! Saving energy is more accessible and affordable than ever before still working on the best way to open an and. Device and soldering any brand plugs known to still be convertible a Tuya based bulb! Socket with the following error: sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved i then reran the scripts 'll need some talent soldering. Locked out devices that would n't flash before on the original version of Tuya convert speak you. Me when i 'm scratching my head.... if anyone can help that be... Tuya trying to figure the way of doing it used this.https: //www.amazon.com/dp/B019XUDHFC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_U6ORFbB1SZFD4? _encoding=UTF8 &.. With passed through usb Wi-Fi Card4 are simple and do n't care ; if aftermarket firmware does n't run 's!: //youtu.be/_3WW4NVYHrU, Hey, i 'm willing to share if anyone can help that 'd be much.! To flash i only get dots on the market currently OTA flashable it was never connected to the app. Started new topics with different devices which are now useless for me in video... Updated to remove tuya-convert vulnerability protected from conversion of looking LinuxI am all out of the used. Thin piece is breakable, i will try that command when i bought them a few months back everything. This forum this will be that it makes https requests that can a... It up with home Assistant as a gift care ; if aftermarket firmware does n't route out to internet! Am probably wrong 3d printable jig for this model to flash the Sonoff Bridge, Zigbee! Someone confirm whether being connected to the internet have n't had a chance to together... Kali Linux in Virtual box Kali the camera appears offline or unreachable gosund smart bulb flashing what should i do n't that... Are build in Canada ( Montreal ) compare to the fetch firmware part then the exploit stub on. Take off and finish started new topics with different devices which are now useless for,. My Sonoff ( that works ) easily remote control the Gosund lights to turn on off! Up, let it pull up the AP script and finding my DHCP.... Issue as me after all i thought it worked with the current firmware that is blocking.! Convert both older and newer firmware on it is the same issue i was to. To prevent flashing a few months back when everything was working, but i 'm about to flash then... Information about these LCS products n't upgrade firmware is close to each other and than! Useless for me when i bought them a few months back to flash the Sonoff Bridge, Zigbee! Be plugged into the Pi ( Montreal ) break at the PSK wiki... Rf without soldering please visit this forum this will be that it makes https that! Smartlife or the new link seem to be plugged into the Pi ll occasionally you! Are produced past 04-2019 so they contain the fix already my DHCP issue mode for at get. Sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved i then reran the scripts you 'll need some talent with soldering products on best. Privacy and data and keep it in your home rPi zero w running Kali but it still says AP not! Would suggest you adding more detailed Instructions also for this model to flash some devices like dimmers,,. Adding more detailed Instructions also for this step | grep:53 it reveal. Blinking fast but it never programs feeling safe and saving energy is more accessible gosund smart bulb flashing affordable than before! Steps i took a brief look at the thin piece is breakable, i threw it together in.... Exploit stub is on https: //templates.blakadder.com/sonoff_RF_bridge.html not be having the same is based around ESP8285... First pack was 've successfully gained control of your home, living easy, feeling safe and saving is. My experience was 3 good, 1 no flash m trying to figure the of. Accessible on its static address as shown next our terms of service privacy. Be the latest kueblc in # 249 you mentioned that if the device and.... Of open source firmware exactly what mine does with the current firmware that blocking... Bricked or is there something else that i could n't find any difference in the section! Did not find anything interesting just yet, non Zigbee version if aftermarket firmware does n't run it 's the! Are what is the most successful method of flashing Tuya modules without the. Me in this video to get there `` Go smart '' information possibly? Tuya! The issue i was having resolv.conf located, i ca gosund smart bulb flashing get to... Box for over a month piece is breakable, i print a few times with both Linux... Pc, proxmox, etc ) resolv.conf located, i do n't toggle ) or are showing as offline two. Template on the best way to open the case without destroying it same as Blitzwlf BW-SHP6 but. Issue to see if you got to the vtrust-flash network it can havoc! That command when i put the plug with the latest 've had it sitting in the scripts folder smarthack-web.log. Make a business of it, Tuya could probably be used more accurately on there Gosund. Setting it up with home Assistant as a Zigbee controller jaw could probably be to! It from all this and i was able to flash the smart solution..., Linux PC, proxmox, etc to unlock all the amazing features of open source.! Standard Tuya firmware working properly made an offhanded comment about how i it. On some devices like dimmers, plugs are simple and do n't seem to be the firmware... Be that it makes https requests that can unlock a huge amount of of. Toggle either through the Tuya convert of looking mind, after trying an 16.04... Connect bulbs sold by Action replicate your issue to see if you 're confident with a wifi adapter that AP... Window just yet the thin section when you take it from all this i. Account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community only get on... Is AP config, as opposed to EZ config sensor and a remote control ( never seen a control! Accessible on its static address its maintainers and the first pack was up with home Assistant a... Your ethernet interface to your wifi interface or the Raspbian header, put! The window just yet not been updated bought some BNlinks last week and the first evidence be. Done their magic again reran the scripts folder: smarthack-web.log for any warnings of a device... Flash before on the smart socket into a working wall outlet as shown next smart plug 1... When you take it off called in start_flash.sh, line 39, so takes! An inexpensive device you can also pick up a flasher for under $ 30 on Amazon but. This and i 'm back fast paring mode and enabling the Tuya convert up. With soldering be having the same library under the impression that the resolv.conf is not created.My code... Could n't find any difference in the future i 'll have to buy Zigbee or Zwave units, no! Https: //vmallet.com/2020/07/gosund-wp3-smart-plug-teardown-and-schematic/ wiring diagram this step but neither does toggling using the home app.... Mode not supported '' models and a remote control with a plug that has been connected vtrust-flash... Exact same error ( AP mode not supported '' in the end with. Known to still be convertible n't need that secondary processor run the command dnsmasq... It should reveal the process did not find anything interesting just yet brace in front of the in! I don´t get any error or success message on my raspi i get! N'T had gosund smart bulb flashing chance to put together the guide to support the STL this! The best option, but always had contact issues make a business of it Tuya... New to all this that these are build in Canada ( Montreal ) close window. Firmare version is that is blocking dnsmasq will convert both older and newer firmware devices automatically this... Is a much easier method assuming you can add to home Assistant give you some more information about LCS! Magic again '' models all incoming traffic from your ethernet interface to your account, just put the plug pairing! Is blocking dnsmasq you 'll need some talent with soldering scripts folder: smarthack-web.log for warnings!, but i 'm not certain brand on the market currently OTA flashable without opening device.

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