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Agricultural extension services globally are face with a challenge to become more effective and responsive. Essentially, agricultural extension is an important hub to agricultural development as it improves the socio-economic well-being of the farmers, including all those who can benefit from its services. – The crisis was the outbreak of potato blight in Europe in 1845. The extension worker should be able to draw conclusions from the analysis of economic and technical forecasts and convert the results of research into solutions to the farmers' problems. KVK is in fact agricultural extension centre in our country. Bibliography Agbamu, J. U. ° Fiscal sustainability. ° Liability for public service functions beyond the transfer of agricultural knowledge and information. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS AND EXTENSION 100 LEVEL: FIRST SEMESTER S/N COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE CREDITS UNIT GENERAL STUDY COURSES 1. Such a system is less useful for livestock production, with a longer time-scale and a lack of synchronisation of different animals and herds. Public Sector Agricultural Extension 5 1.1 Diversified Strategies 5 1.1.1 Pressures to change: a critical turning point 5 1.1.2 The pendulum swings back 6 1.1.3 Extension as a function 7 1.1.4 Agricultural extension reform strategies 8 1.1.5 A consensus on lessons learned 11 1.2 Extension for Poor Rural Families to Improve Production GSS 101 Use of English I 1 2 GSS 105 Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence 2 3 GSS 107 Nigerians People’s and Culture 2 4. Meaning and definition of social values and attitudes 14. Functions of Agriculture Extension Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1.Dissemination of recommended agricultural practices. Keywords: Extension, challenge, Role, Agriculture, Ethiopia. 12. while agricultural extension workers are the teachers. In addition, applicants must: i. different extension functions relate directly to these overall national goals. Agricultural extension services have developed around crop production, and remain tied largely to the seasonal nature of cropping. THE ROLE OF EXTENSION IN AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT by Ifeoma Irohibe Department of Agricultural Extension, University of Nigeria, Nsukka Agriculture is the science of cultivating crops and rearing animals for the benefit of man and also includes other processes such as processing, storage and marketing of agricultural produce. They operate as facilitators and communicators, helping farmers in their decision-making and ensuring that appropriate knowledge is implemented to obtain the best results. Functions of National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services (NAERLS) The functions of NAERLS are as follows: NAERLS as a strand of REFILS – Research Extension – Farmer-Input-Linkage System has the responsibility of providing extension specialist support services to agricultural development projects (ADPs). Role of cultural concepts in agricultural extension 13. Major institutions in rural society, functions and their role in agricultural extension 17. Agricultural Extension Officers communicate with farmers supporting decision-making by providing information on sustain-able farming practices. The Extension Service Council is the policy-making body of the Extension Service Office. Agricultural extension is a vehicle for accelerating technology transfer and adoption by providing information and advice to rural smallholders (Anderson and Feder, 2007;Feder et al., 2011). During the second half of the twentieth century, most national extension systems primarily focused on transferring agricultural technologies that would increase the productivity of major crop and livestock production systems in achieving national food security. Thus, agricultural extension is a service which helps or assists people, particularly farm families through educational procedures in promoting their farming practices and techniques, increasing their production efficiency and income, bettering their levels of living and lifting their social, economic and educational standards of rural life. Result Area 2 Lead - Quality Seed Use & Good Agricultural Practices (RA2 Lead, Juba) - (A3-SEED - "Triple A-SEED"), Juba, South Sudan inputs, including improved practices and techniques for enhanced soil fertility management, pest management and enhanced agricultural extension services through ICT4Ag. Agricultural extension organisations are geared primarily for rural development (Kepe, 2004). (2005). The mandate of extension services, whether public or private, has always been rural human resources development with an aim to increase food production. Usually associated with local agricultural university, these centres serve as the vibrant link between the Indian council of agricultural research and farmers , and aim to apply agricultural research and development in a localised ambience. The birth of modern agricultural extension services – The first agricultural extension service of a modem kind came into existence as the result of a crisis and the initiative of the occupant of a high office of authority. The Extension Service Office is tasked to perform the following specific functions: Carry out the extension service function of the University Implement policies, guidelines and mechanisms in performing extension service According to Benor et al. GSS 108 Basic Igbo Studies […] ° Inadequate interaction with knowledge generators. The major challenge currently facing agricultural extension service delivery in Ethiopia has its impact on the development of country. 2. List the theories and exlain the ractice of agricultural extension management: y escrie the asic concets of extension rogramme management and y escrie the theories rinciles rocess and functions of a good manager. Types and role of social values and attitudes in agricultural extension 15. 4.Advisory services in insect/pest management and horticultural activities. An agricultural extension officer often works for the government as they work as liaison officers that provide additional training to farmers and agricultural businesses. This support is especially Agricultural extension activity is important agrarian-political instrument of the state which stimulates the development of agricultural production. This chapter examines the developments of agricultural extension services in Sri Lanka over the past two decades. Meaning of Extension Education: (i) “Extension education is an applied behavioural science dealing with the desirable changes in the behavioural complex of human beings, through various strategies and programmes, by applying the latest scientific and technological innovations.” Information about biodiversity is increas-ingly important to help farmers farm sustainably and access new markets. Functions and Responsibilities of the RA2 Lead Ensure daily management Agricultural Extension is very important in dissemination of Introduction on innovation or new technologies to the clientele. Through agricultural extension, farmers are taught better and new ideal and innovations in agriculture. Feder, Willett, and Zijp show how various extension approaches were developed in attempts to overcome the challenges of extension: ° Improving extension management. Agricultural extension service has to be competent in agricultural skills, to communicate efficiently with producers and stimulate them to … QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: LECTURER – GRADE 12 Applicants must be holders of an earned PhD degree from a recognized University in the relevant area of specialty. Meaning and definition of social institutions 16. Read the latest articles of Agricultural Administration and Extension at, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature Agricultural extension is an applied behavioural science, which is applied to bring about desirable changes in the behavioural complex of farming community, usually through various strategies and programmes of change, by applying latest scientific and technological innovation. 1. Agricultural Extension Offices are Agricultural Extension Offices at the provincial, district, and sub-district levels (Appendix A). Module 3: Agricultural Extension Programme Management Module outcomes After comleting this module ou will e ale to: 1. The meaning of KVK is ‘farm science centre’. Agricultural extension and advisory services, both public and private, thus have a major role to play in providing farmers with information, technologies, and education on how to cope with climate change and ways to contribute to GHG mitigation. 2.Educate/Train farmers in improved agricultural production technology. In the first paper, by A. Feuerhake, the functions of the farm management extension service are outlined. Meaning, philosophy, objectives, principles and functions of agricultural extension education; Extension teaching and learning process; Principles of learning; Adult learning theories and principles; Extension clientele system; Development and use of local leaders/leadership in extension work; Problems of extension work in Nigeria. Formulation and implementation of policies and programmes aimed at achieving rapid agricultural growth through optimum utilization of land, water, soil and plant resources of the State. 3.Production and distribution of quality seed and fruit plants. Besides disseminating agricultural technologies to farmers, extension personnel also assist farm families in planning educational and community development programs. In light of this, the organization is currently seeking an Agricultural Extension Officer for the five year project. ... farmer-department coordination in implementing and providing technological know-how to the farming community through agricultural extension services. Functions. 1. 3.2.2 Functions. Agricultural Extension Strategy whose Vision is to ensure ideal conditions for the dissemination and exchange of information between producers, farmer organizations and other different partners in order to transform and to modernise the agricultural sector so that Agricultural Extension Officer.Agricultural extension officers are intermediaries between research and farmers. (1984) their main intention is to convey needed transformation to the mindsets of farmers and agricultural development. Agricultural extension and education is an essential tool for the development of integrated agricultural development programs (Shahbazi, 1996). Positions of Professor, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer and Lecturer in Agricultural Extension. 24 PART II: MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF EXTENSION PROGRAM Written by: MANAN UNDONG 25 CHAPTER 4 Definition of Monitoring and Evaluation The Global Consultation on Agricultural Extension observed that monitoring and evaluation are important yet frequently neglected functions in most organizations (FAO, 1990, p. 27).

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